Justin Lo


Kate stepped into her friend’s room, which had its door conspicuously open at this very early hour in the morning.  Had Tess not gone to bed?


“Tess?” Kate asked.


She was met with silence, but she ventured in deeper and found Tess buried in the corner of her bed, with a pad of lined paper on her knee, which she held in place with her right hand and scribbled upon with her left.  She seemed very intensely at work, and Kate didn’t want to disturb her.  Fortunately for Kate, Tess took her own break soon after, and laid down the pad.


Kate inquired, “Whatcha writing?”


“Oh, just finishing up a chapter of my story.”


“May I read?”


“I guess so,” said Tess.  “But it’s a little explicit.”


“Explicit …?” wondered Kate, picking up the notepad anyway.


Finally alone in their room together, Mary and Larry shut the door and looked at each other with burning heat before Mary couldn’t stand it any longer and tore off her dress.


“Larry, don’t let your clothes be closer to you than I am,” she cried.


He responded by dropping his clothes and lying down on the bed.


“Better?” he asked.


“Oh, just give it to me, baby!  I want it all and I want it now.”


“As long as I get some, too, darling.”


“Oh hell yes you will,” said Mary as she began to kiss Larry all over his body.  He shifted in pleasure and fondled Mary in all the right spots.


“More!” she cried.  “Oohhhh, more, more, more!”


They went faster and faster until finally they couldn’t hold it in anymore and he filled her with immense pleasure.


“Ohhhhh yes!” they cried in unison.  For a few moments, they just relished the feelings.


“Get what you wanted?” asked Larry between breaths.


“Fuck yeah,” replied Mary with a smile.


“Tess,” said Kate, after reading the story.


“Yeah?” asked Tess.


“No offense, but this is a rather poor imitation of the real thing.”


“What do you mean?”


“This sounds like a rehash of some pop song or something!  It’s just a whole bunch of ‘give me,’ and ‘baby,’ and ‘more more more.’  Making love isn’t supposed to be something that can be put into lyrics!  You have to have some emotion, some originality … something ‘higher,’ if you will.  Humans are very sentimental creatures, you know.


“And plus, it’s all over _so fast_!  It’s like they’d die if they didn’t finish under five minutes.  There is no obligation for people to do it – and so they’d definitely take their time.”


Kate pondered that for a bit, and responded, “Well then, I’d like to see you try writing a better sex scene.”


“Just watch me!”


Finally alone, Mary and Larry shut the door and sat down on the bed, hugging each other.


“Larry, thank you so much for treating me to this party.  I’ve had so much fun.”


“Of course, dear, of course.”  He slipped the straps of his girlfriend’s red velvet dress off her shoulders and kissed her gently on the neck, sending a tingle down her spine.


“Larry, have you ever felt like this before?”


“No, never,” said Larry.  “It’s just so comforting, as if we were in a giant pool, and we found each other, and so that we would never let go, we decided to meld ourselves together.”


“Heehee,” giggled Mary.  “Yes, that’s how I feel, too,” she agreed, unbuttoning Larry’s shirt and pants.


The pair rolled onto their sides, facing each other so that they could stare into each other’s endless eyes.  Looking in, it was as if the backdrop had been replaced by an ethereal calm – there was no room, just their eyes and the entire worlds within their eyes.


Larry and Mary slid out of their clothes in synchrony, letting them drop to the floor.  Gently, Larry massaged Mary’s back, pulling off her undergarments as he did so.


Mary smiled and asked, “Dear?  Mmm, I’m so happy.  This week has been ungodly stressful, and there’s just so much tension in me that needs to be let out.”


After awhile, she decided it wasn’t fair for her to only be on the receiving end, so she shifted over and pulled off the last piece of clothing, caressing his sides until they softened into pliable cushion.


They began moving together, and they sang a song together, about everlasting love and all their days together; the sunshine that poured out of their eyes; the way nothing else seemed to matter anymore.  And afterwards, they laid down on their backs and stared out at the stars, still clasping hands, and breathing deeply.


“Kate, that’s a conversation, not a sex scene.”


“It’s better than … what was your line?  ‘I don’t want your clothes humping you, hump me instead?’”


“I didn’t write that!” retorted Tess.


“Well, it was implied!  The point is, at least mine has a poetic rhythm that matches the physical rhythm.  And the characters actually have _character_.  What’s the point of writing such a precious, dangerous scene when you could interchange the names with anyone else, and it’d still all be the same?”


“It doesn’t matter!  What matters is that your story totally lacks a climax.  It treats sex as something soothing, when actually it builds up an unimaginable amount of tension that, upon being relieved - _then_ it causes calm.  And words … ugh … if you’re really giving your partner pleasure, how do you have time to be so verbose?!”


“Well then, go for it.  I bet you can’t beat mine.”


“Mary,” began Larry.


She touched her index finger to his lips, feeling the slight moistness of his tender mouth.  “Shh, no need to say anything.  I want to feel what’s in your heart tonight – feel it for real, with your heart thumping against mine, and your arms draped around me.  I want to know what it feels like to _be_ you, Larry.  And no words could ever do that for us.”


Larry agreed, his heart beating in anticipation.  Mary took her time unbuttoning her blouse while Larry looked on, his body twitching with desire.  Then, she undid each of the four silver buttons of her jeans with sensuous patience.  At least, it appeared that way, but Mary was actually internally resisting the urge to just tear her clothes off and latch onto her lover.


Larry mirrored Mary, and even though they still had their pants halfway-on when they arrived in bed, their bodies were already very worked up – there was something in them trying to break out of its cage, something ferocious and passionate.


“Tonight, we give and take,” announced Mary.


Larry nodded and put his fingers around the waistband of Mary’s jeans, slowly pulling them down while very lightly gliding his fingers over her skin and panties, down down down until she bent her legs to lift them out of the trousers, kicking out her toes so that they landed on the splayed frontside of Larry’s pants, helping him shrug them off his hips.


“I love you,” murmured Mary as she kissed Larry all over, brushing her hand against his warm chest that seemed to be the treasure box of endless compassion.  “I love you, I love you, I love you.”


At the same time, Larry, with Mary’s cooperation, removed her bra and kneaded her breasts with tender, rhythmic motions.  She felt herself heating up, burning more and more, and she started kissing and caressing with greater intensity and pressure.  They became accustomed to the feel, and no longer held back, their motions a crescendo of both feeling and movement.


Larry planted kisses here and there until Mary was nearly crying from happiness.  “Do you think … we could start now?” she asked, trembling.  Pangs of tightness traveled through her body from the sites that were climbing up the roller coaster that seemed to just keep going up and up.


“Not yet,” said Larry, as he shifted position to bring Mary into the clouds on a magical carpet that lifted her out of the constrictive roller coaster seat.


“Uuuunh,” said Mary, knowing that his refusal had brought her desire to a level she had never felt before.  It was both so great and so terrible, and all this work against the grain was driving her to new passionate heights.  She touched and kissed and licked him like she never had before, and he returned the favor.


After writhing in the dance of tension for what seemed to be an eternity, the two agreed to finish what they had started, removing the last barrier and sharing all their feelings and love through the bridge of their union.


“Oohhhhhh!” they gasped as they parachuted out of the sky and bounded down the grassy hill and soared down the roller coaster and let loose the floodgates … descending back into entropy and gathering all the pleasure they could along the way.


The two snuggled together under the covers and fell fast asleep, exhausted from the demanding but rewarding effort.  They smiled for days on end after that, knowing that they would always hold that connection – it was forged in fire and would forever stand all flames afterwards.  Indeed, the fire in their hearts never went out, and they knew that to the grave, they would forever be bonded.


“Well, it’s better.  At least you finally got them to share at the end instead of just giving and taking,” admitted Kate.  “Just not my style.  I dunno, is emotion really that … animalian?  So inhuman?”


“Maybe it is.  Who knows, though.”


“What do you mean?”


Tess shrugged, “It’s not like I’ve ever done it.”


Kate blushed.  “Well, neither have I … .”


The End