Naruto opened the door to his room, yawning lazily. He was soooo exhausted that he could barely even open his eyes beyond a slit.


He looked at his bed and noticed a lump.


"What ... the hell?" he muttered.


He approached the lump with caution, his heart racing a bit even though his mind refused to let him think clearly. He pulled off the cover and found Hinata there, curled in a tight ball, whimpering softly. She had a blue silken nightgown on, but it was crumpled because of her position.


"Hinata, what're you doing in _my_ bed?!"


"Oh, g-gomen nasai Naruto-kun ... I just ... I just ... was feeling ... so lonely."


Naruto started to wiggle nervously as Hinata sat up and raised her head with that certain pitiful look on her face.


"Will you?" she asked, her face getting closer and closer to Naruto's.


Naruto could feel the blood pumping throughout his body. [But I love Sakura!] he thought. [I can't betray her like this!]


And yet he couldn't help it, and he leaned in, too, and the two locked lips. Naruto closed his eyes and began to kiss Hinata passionately, the two falling onto the floor.


[Her lips are so smooth. But the hair above her lips are so rough.]


Naruto's eyes flashed open. [Girls don't have hair there!]


The first thing Naruto saw was a grinning Kakashi-sensei, short stubs of a mustache above his lips.


"Noooo!" shouted Naruto. Ive been fooled!!