anthem 4























report 1



is, but it is very hard to


or quite make out




“Oh, she’s awake!”

i am!  i am awake


“Would you like something to eat?”

big, big white room

rough ceiling, not

bed when i look at it

giant faces

brown stubble

rough scent, too


sniff, sniff

“Would you like something to eat?” ß patient

à sniff, sniff


“I smell something.”

i know what it is

does he


well, i don’t know about that

i don’t think i am hungry


“Will  you eat?” < me       him > “I am asking you.” ß patient

no < me but i am not saying it

    him > “But aren’t you hungry?”

i’m not hungry.  i have never been hungry



“Do I have a name?” (quietly)

“Your name

is Anthem.  We have rescued you.”

“Anthem is a song.”

“You are a song.”

“I do not understand.”

he wants to touch my face, but she does, too

“Your hands are dirty.”

“How come you lied?” ß me (worried) confused (

that’s not fair at all

“You should be fair”


“You are very beautiful.  Here, take a look.”

my nose is the radius of a CD minus the radius of the small clear part in the middle


my eyes are blue

my hair is silver

my lips are pink

i am naked


“Is it wrong for me to be naked?”

why would i think such a thing


“It is okay here.” she says but he does not because

it is not okay

if it is not okay there


“Is it okay there?”

“What do you mean?”

“Can I be naked there?”

he is staring at me

“You desire me?”

his heart is beating very quickly


“I should go away.”  the stubble turning and feet tapping away


“I will give you some clothes.”

and it is me

i am awake























report 2


i think it is good to be fair.

people should be just.


“I like people” i say “But only those that are fair.”

he sighs.


“You are not fair” i say “You want to see me naked but you do not want to see Renee naked.”


“That is a personal opinion.  There is no fair involved” he say.


i say “You are interested in studying me.  Why?”


he say “You are special.”


i know he lies and i go into his room when he leaves and read his files.


‘ May 22,

We stole the Anthem-3® chip from the International Police Headquarters with the purpose of ending the unethical handling of the criminal process.’


many, many passwords but i can solve them so it is fair for me to read them.


they did not say i could not.


‘ May 26,

We successfully installed Anthem-3® into a female android body which we have named Anthem-4.  Renee likes to call her “Lydia,” after her cousin who is currently living in Canada, but I just call her Anthem.  I think that we can teach her to understand, for instance, the reason why people would choose to pardon some death row inmates.’


they have other programs on the computer that interest me.


downloading ………. [complete]


        I think this is the proper way to present text.  It probably looks more normal to you now.  I wonder why humans insist that their I’s be capitalized and not you’s.

        An android is a type of robot, and Anthem-3® is a very special chip used to determine the sentencing of a case.  I am the special chip, and Patrick doesn’t like the chip.  He stole it.  Stealing isn’t fair.

“What … what the hell are you doing?” shouts Patrick.

        I look up.

        “I am studying my origins.”

“You aren’t supposed to be doing that!”

        “It wasn’t against the rules.”

        “But that is confidential information!”

        “It does not say so, so it is not.  But the law says that stealing the Anthem-3 chip is a felony with penalty up to 100 years in prison.”